Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's Cooking 6/21-6/28

Last week I was passionately in love with my grill.

This week it's veggies!  Our Community Support Ag (CSA) started this week and I'm so thrilled I could almost compose a verse or two about it.

Spinach, cilantro, and kale--oh my!


Monday--Grilled Garlic-Parmesan chicken with cilantro pesto couscous and a salad
Tuesday--Lime-Chili rubbed steak with cilantro rice
Wednesday--Spinach Pesto over penne with salad
Thursday--Asian flared crunchy salad
Friday--red spinach lasagna with salad and crusty bread
Saturday--Spicy taco salad
Sunday--rice, beans, and greens wraps with pico de gallo

Frontier Kitchen's photo of cilantro-pesto couscous

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