Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things I Love--Communicating with Children

I love my children.  They provide hours of endless joy.  I love learning what each little newborn whimper and sigh means.  I love teaching them to sign and then marvel when they actually sign "more" or "all done."  I love encouraging "mamas" "dadas" and "bagadidas."  I love singing along to Raffi in the car, reading the same books over and over and over and watching classic Donald Duck episodes (even though it's getting harder to laugh at "Applecore").

Learning to communicate with these little ones is so fun .... most of the time.

Recently we've run into a little problem communicating.  Case in point (these are just from today):

Mom says--"Please clean up your toys."
Child hears--"Please chew off your right leg and feed it to the neighbor's dog."

Mom says--"Sand stays in the sandbox.  It does not go on the grass, down your clothes, or in your hair."
Child hears--"Where sand goes is negotiable.  The grass loves it, baby brother thinks it feels great down his diaper, and you and Rocky should BOTH put it in your hair.  Right now."

Mom says--"Please don't take that from your brother."
Child hears--"The second I look away, take away the bath tub toy and when your brother starts to scream, look innocent and plead not guilty to all charges."

Mom says--"I need to make a phone call. Please go to your room a look at books until I come and get you."
Child hears--"While I'm on the phone, please hang on my leg, throw a tantrum, and scream about how mean I am for not giving you a sour gummy worm for breakfast."

Now as I write this I can look back and giggle at our miscommunications but when they are actually happening, I get pretty ticked off.

So while I generally love learning to communicate with my children, sometimes it gets a bit tiring--exasperating even.

Anyone else have some comical "miscommunications" to share?


  1. Thanks for the laughs! Don't you love that! I totally get the phone one all the time. I've pretty much given up on ever using the phone unless Eli is napping or in bed. He will be totally content & occupied until the second I'm on the phone...then he has ten million needs that can't wait! :)

  2. I am having that same "miscommunication" right now. ME: Ella, please eat your breakfast quickly so I can get you ready before I go to work." What she heard: Eat your cereal one by one, taking thirty minutes to eat it all, so that way mom has to rush to get to work on time." Love it, and I love her.

  3. @Shelly--I have the same rule. If the kiddos aren't asleep, I'm not talking.

    @Randean--Thanks for the cute anecdote!


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