Friday, June 4, 2010

Frugal Fashion Friday: Perfect Play Date Gear

So I get together with other moms and their kids a lot.  Really.  It's a sanity saver.

Though we'd never claim to be fashionistas, it is some sort of an unspoken rule that we all look super casual and super pulled together when take our kids out for a play date.  Here are some combos we pull together that have all the practicality of a woman chasing a three year old but still give our husbands a reason to wear their "I Love Hot Moms" T-Shirts.

White shorts, a tank top, comfy sandals and aviators never looked so good!

Super easy to pull together--blank tank, jean capris, strappy sandals, and a bold accessory.

Take me out to the ball game--casual and comfortable do not have to mean sloppy!

Who knew a cardigan and great bag could dress up jean cut-offs?

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