Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Special

Happy Father's Day!

Top 10 Reasons Why Matt Really is the 
World's Best Dad

He doesn't buckle under pressure (and has anyone ever looked so handsome in a surgical mask?  

He loves babywearing as much as I do (though he prefers his Kelty to my homemade wraps).

Know how much I hate being "just" a mom?  Matt hates being "just" a dad.  I love that he pursues his passions. By the way, he'll be riding 100 miles in six days!

Be it with me or the kids, he's not afraid to get his geek on.

He respects his elders (and he calls my dog "MR. Finnigan.")

Whether it's climbing the Tetons or tackling sick-kid vomit, he's up for the challenge!

He's not afraid to let our daughter dress him.

He makes a mean snow fort.

Actually, he makes a good blanket fort, too! (FYI--he's not so good with the camera.  Exhibit #1--my derrière being front and center in this photo).

He's great at taking charge of the kids and giving me a weekend with the girls (good thing too--I was starting to look like a deer caught in the headlights.  Oh well, at least Kim and Nichole look like babes).

And to my father and father-in-love--Happy Father's Day!
My Father--"Big Papa"

My father-in-love "Little Papa"

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