Monday, June 28, 2010

ECLIPSE--My Outfit, Your Words

I've been on a real black/white/red kick (maybe because Eclipse comes out this week?).  The last time I tried the red/white/black combo, though, a woman looked at me and said, "Oh. You look so cute--just like a pirate."


I almost retorted with a line from Dodgeball "I'm more of a pirate then you'll ever be" but instead just smiled and said "thanks" as sincerely as possible.

Here's my latest, layered attempt to combine black, red, and white (in a less-piratey manner).

Tank, tee, and leather jacket.

My necklaces were layered which Matt thought would be weird but decided was hot!

Pirate?  I think not!

So now it's time for YOUR WORDS.  
  • Are you going to Eclipse?  
  • Are you going in Black/White/Red gear?  
  • Is it a girl's night out?  
  • Do you hate all things Twilight?  

Dish, girl! Dish!

Stopping by from the "IT" list?  Please take a moment to share your views on the Twilight Saga.  Love it?  Hate it? Do tell!

And if you want to know more of my rambling thoughts on Edward Twilight, click here. For my general thoughts on chick flicks, click here.   To see more outfit inspiration (on a dime), click here!


  1. I am hoping to get to go to Eclipse but definitely NOT opening night. I want to wait until all of the adolescent girls have seen it so I don't have to listen to the incessant screaming everytime Jacob takes off his shirt (if they only knew that he was just a pretty face and falls just a little short in the IQ department). I will probably go with Jeffy, as all of my female girlfriends really aren't into it. Sure wish that I could see it with one of my favorite girls. (That's you, in case you didn't know for some reason). Anyway, I think that your outfit looks awesome and totally NOT pirate. But just to make sure, you should put a parrot on your shoulder just in case. I am just saying.

  2. Cute! And not in a pirate sort of way. :)

    I suppose I should go start working on my red, black and white outfit...hmmm.

  3. I love the outfit and yes, I do want to see Eclispe but I need to find a gal friend to go with me Or DH would if we got a babysitter. I am reading the New Moon right now a little over half way. I know I won't get through Eclipse before I see the movie.

  4. DH approves of the eclipse pirate outfit....very hot! And you are probably more of a pirate than I will ever be.


  5. Like the outfit, so well put together, I am so not creative like that. Who knows what I will wear, hubs and I are making a night of and actually going as our anniversary date! (I hooked him on the saga)

  6. @Randean--I'd totally get a parrot except I hate birds. Ewwww.

    @Sarah--Can't wait to see what you come up with. Does your hair count as the "red"?

    @AmberRay--Love the books. Actually Eclipse was my fave book. Enjoy!

    @Anon--Tell me about it!

    @Ali--My DH would rather die than go to that movie with me. Well, maybe it's not that bad. My DH is the opposite of "hooked on the saga"==what's that ... repelled?

  7. Love the outfit, will wait for the movie to come out on DVD!

  8. You look great! Not one bit like a pirate ;).

    I hope to see Eclipse soon, but I might have to fly solo since DH wants no part of Twilight.

    I have a few Twilight-inspired gift ideas here:


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