Saturday, June 12, 2010

Days of Play--Write on Windows

My delightful little home has a ton of windows.  I hate to clean them but we LOVE to color on them.


Yep.  Grab a box of dry-erase markers (or window writing markers as marketed by Crayola) and let your kids doodle all over the windows.
Need to erase?  Just use an old rag.  To clean up, windex and wipe.

I'm not sure if this is fun because it's unusual or because it feels naughty (kids tend to love the naughtiness).

You decide.

Can't commit your windows to art/graffiti?  Try making your own white board.  Take a piece of white tagboard (any size--I used 5x7 notecards when I taught.  Yesterday I made an 8x11 for my daughter) and wrap it in clear contact paper.  WaLa!  A white board that travels and cleans easily.

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  1. Eli loves to do this! :) It's fun! Matt & will occasionally write little notes on the bathroom mirror to one another with the dry erase markers too. :) Usually its Matt that thinks to do this, not me. But its a nice little surprise when I get up to get ready.


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