Saturday, June 26, 2010

Days of Play--Swimming

What is it with kids and water? 

You put a kid within a billion bilometers of water and he's gonna get wet.  

If you can't beat 'em you might as well join 'em.

Today, get into your swimsuit (YIKES), fill up the kiddie pool, and go for a dip with your kids.

Sure you can take them to a big pool and let them swim alone to their hearts' content but what they'd really love is YOUR time.  
                                                                   YOUR attention. 

They'll love seeing you squeeze your legs into the pool.
They'll love squirting you with a water toy.
They'll love watching you oooo! and eeeeek! over the cold water.
They'll love watching you run around like a crazy woman trying to find a towel and a warm place to sit.

They won't notice your cellulite, baby belly, arm flap jabbies, bathing suit butt, desperate need for a Brazilian bathing suit imperfections.

They will notice you noticing them.  And it will make a difference!


  1. I love the last two lines. Except, as a mom to a ten year old girl...she noticed my cellulite for the first time! *gasp* But, even with that, she still loved me playing in the pool with them. She forgot soon enough. Wish I could....

  2. Anon--Dang it! Okay, I'll amend. They might notice your cellulite but they won't care about it ...


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