Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday's Too Clean Tip--Get Dressed!

I know this is going to sound nutty but there actually is a lot of research that links motivation with appearance.  People who feel better about they way they look on the outside tend to do get more done.  I can personally attest to this.

Very rarely I will have a day in "mom uniform"--yoga pants, slipper socks, random long-sleeve T-shirt with toothpaste drip on the front and Pax snot on the arm and hair in a ponytail.  Sounds hot.  Am I comfy? You bet.  Do I ever get anything done on these days?  Nope.

I've found that when I get up and get ready--head to toe--I'm always ready to tackle the day.  So if you have a day coming up where you need to clean and cook, and run errands, and make calls and take treats to your kid's class and and and ... get up and get dressed.

Head to toe.

(Hopefully you realize that by posting this I just became enemy #1 to velour jumpsuit wearers and feminists world wide.  This is the sacrifice I'm willing to make for my loyal blog-buddies!)


  1. Please stop by and pick up an award :)


  2. Very, very, very true!

    My doctor actually encouraged me to get up & get dressed/do my hair&makeup even when I was on bedrest because depression is reduced greatly in women on bedrest that are allowed this freedom by their dr. So even though all I did a lot of days was sit on the couch in my house, I still got ready & it was true that it greatly improved my mood.

    I've also found that it is so much easier to get up earlier than the kids & get completely ready before they are up!

  3. @Deb--Thanks!

    @Shelly--Getting ready before the kids is pretty much mandatory! I catch a lot of slack for always being ready--hair, make-up, dress, accessories, shoes--by 8:00 am but it keeps me going!

  4. Thank you for saying this, Reagan! I also get a lot of slack from some moms b/c I like to get dressed every single day. Makeup, hair done, EVERYTHING. (I don't now why?!)

    I don't spend a ton of time getting ready... some days a sleek pony-tail is part of my outfit. ;) I definitely feel better about myself and am TONS more productive when I get up and get dressed.

    When we had newborns and I was so exhausted and sleep deprived, it was crazy how it was sooo hard to get up and get showered and dressed, yet it woke me up and helped me through those tough months.

  5. I couldn't agree more! When I manage to get ready first thing, I have a much better attitude and always get more done! I have plenty of days when this does not happen, though, and it weighs heavy on me the rest of the day. AND I don't get much blogging done (if you haven't noticed) Poor excuse, but it happens. Feeling good about ourselves is more important than we realize.


  6. For??? I'm not sure what I was going to say there!?! Lol!

  7. @Amy--Glad to "see" you today! For ... lol. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who can tackle the world more efficiently when fully dressed!

  8. I completely agree! I am very good at staying in my sweats and t-shirt all day. I am working on changing this, because I do feel so much better when I get up and get dressed.


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