Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too Clean Tuesday--Remove Hair Spray Residue

On the Where is the ME in Mommy Facebook page, dear friend Heather asked, "What is the best way to get icky sticky hair spray off bathroom doors and walls?  (Have I even mentioned how much I love your questions and comments?)

Great question and here's my reply:

There are a couple of options for removing hair spray residue. 

  • The strongest option is to rub or spray isopropyl alcohol on the wall with a cloth.  Rinse.   Then wash the wall with dishwashing soap (such as Joy or Dawn). Rinse and dry. Though this technique is the strongest you must be careful because the alcohol can remove paint!
  • Another option is to make a mix of 1 cup fabric softener to 2 cups of water. Spray onto wall. Wipe. Rinse. Dry.  By the way, this will make your room smell divine.  Want something else to do with fabric softener?  Check here.
  • A final option is to make a paste of baking soda and lemon juice and water and rub it on the wall. Rinse and dry.

I've heard of people using kitchen grease spray removers (such as Formula 409), Scrubbing Bubbles, vinegar and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean hairspray goo but I can't speak to how these work since I haven't tried them.  I urge caution :)

What have you done to remove hair spray stick from the walls?

Have a cleaning question?  I'd love to share my thoughts!


  1. I am absolutely trying the fab. softner idea! I have hair spray residue on my cabnets behind my vanity that get sprayed daily with hairspray. Ugh.. I've tried regular cleaners - like kitchen counter sprays and bathroom cleaners, and it just seems to make it goop up worse!

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