Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things I love--A Good Cause!

Doctors thought Matt and I would have a hard time having kids.  Boy were they wrong.  Two weeks with no birth control and Wham-o ... bun in the oven (should I gross you out by telling you we got pregnant while on vacation with my parents?  I mean, they weren't in the room or anything--actually, they weren't even on the same floor in the hotel but still, it's a bit weird to think about).

Since we didn't think we would have our own biological children we were naturally thrilled.  And then came the question "Are you having a boy or a girl?"  To which I would smile and reply, "I'm having a baby."  Shocked O shaped mouths would reply, "You aren't going to find out?  I couldn't stand not knowing!"  (I always wanted to reply but never did, "Trust me, it is possible to NOT find out gender. People have NOT known the gender of their children prior to delivery for thousands of years. You could stand it if you chose to.").  Anyhow, this exchange always ended with this statement, "As long as baby is healthy."

And do you know what my reply was, "Even if baby isn't healthy."

Shocking.  I know.

Society puts such a huge pressure on what is "normal" and the hierarchy of health but that wasn't me.  I wanted a baby.  Whatever gender, whatever health--I wanted a baby.  Whatever baby God gave me, I wanted it.  Badly.  

Sure I wanted my baby to be healthy, who doesn't want that?  But I was counting on God more than good health.  

Just because we are given healthy babies at birth doesn't mean they will always be healthy. So rather than limiting myself, rather than thinking, "God just give me a healthy baby" I surrounded myself with thoughts of "God, be enough because if you are enough for me, you'll make me enough for my baby" and "Give me the courage to love regardless of what's coming my way (I meant the teenage years more than health--I think)" and "Help me to love You and trust You first ... always."

So far both of my children are very healthy.  And I praise God for their health.  I'm also realistic.  All it takes is one bad illness, one bad wreck and everything changes--everything but God.  That's why I'm counting on Him--first--always.

For one family here in blogland, that change just recently (as in May 5th) happened when they learned their 16 month old daughter, lovingly referred to as Monkey, has cancer.  Even if you've never experienced this crisis, you can certainly imagine what this family is going through (do you shudder when you think of such things happening to your children?).  They wanted healthy babies.  They had healthy babies.  Now they have an unhealthy baby.  

If you have healthy kids, show this family some love.  
  1. Go to their blog and leave them comments and prayers of hope and encouragement (and be kind about the F-Bombs.  Remember, they are scared and stressed to the max).  
  2. If you have a blog, grab a "Pray for Monkey" button and put it on your blog.
  3. If you blog, blog about this!  See the links below for more info.  Spread the (W)ord.  
  4. If you are blessed financially, click the link below and donate to help offset the financial costs.  
  5. Pray for this baby, her family, and the doctors who will treat her.  
  6. Most importantly, praise God because He is good.  He is good when things are good.  He is good when things are bad.  He is bigger than this illness.  He is worthy of our praise---even when we don't understand.  
I love a good cause.  Get on board!

Click on monkey to donate...please help!

For more information, please check out these links:

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Reagan. I literally want to kick someone in the shins when they use the expressions "ten fingers and ten toes" to express that a baby is born "fine" and "normal". I know it's not intentional, but still kind of a dumb way of expressing things.

    We are all one incident away from disability. And in the end, nothing is guaranteed but our relationship with God, if we choose to have one. Really that's the only choice that's 100% up to us. Everything else is left to chance, accident and His wisdom.

  2. You have me in tears... trusting God to be there no matter what is ALL that matters.

    I am praying hard for this family. I cannot imagine going through something like this. She is a gorgeous baby - and I pray that God's healing hand would work in such a miraculous way that even the scientists and doctors will not be able to help giving him the glory for her amazingly fast healing. I pray that God uses this family, this precious baby, to show off BIG TIME.

  3. @Rachael and Mandy--Thanks for praying for this baby and this family!

    10 fingers and 10 toes--never even thought about that one! Man we can say some stupid stuff!

  4. Saying a prayer right now for this beautiful baby....

  5. Oh my goodness! Poor precious girl. I'll be praying for her.

  6. Thanks for posting this. Praying for all good for this family. :)


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