Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paxton's 1st Birthday

Pax turns one this month and I'm pretty emotional about it.  On the one hand I'm dying to get away with Matt for a children-free weekend.  On the other hand, it is so sad to let go of those baby days.  *sigh*

When I was pregnant with Pax my MIL informed me that May is a hard time to have babies because of the wedding/graduation season (Gee, I wish I'd consulted her before hand.  ha ha!  I love my MIL!).  Know what? She's kinda right.

Pax's first birthday is a case-in-point.  He turns one on Saturday May 22nd. Perfect, right?  Wrong-o!  That Saturday Dirk, a friend from Germany/Barcelona, is flying in for a visit.  Between preparing for his visit, getting to the airport, going out to eat, showing off our town, etc., there is really no time to host a birthday party for Pax.

Sunday then?  Nope.  Cousin Luke graduates on May 23rd and we'll go to his celebratory BBQ.  Monday-Friday?  Nope. No one could make a party during the weekday due to work obligations.  So, Pax's party will be held a week and a day later (so my sister and her family can come).

Here's where you come in.  Shower me with your advice.  Should I do something small on his actual birthday (perhaps a small family party)?  Should I pretend it isn't his birthday until his actual party (since he'll be none the wiser)?  What do you think?

P.S.  His party is "space" themed and we're doing a time capsule for him.  If anyone out there in blogland has something they'd like thrown in there, please contact me via e-mail and I'll send my address! (Wouldn't it be fun to send a post-card or something from where ever you are???).


  1. Congrats on Pax turning 1. And congrats on making it a year of nursing. Enjoy getting your body back to yourself!

    May is a crazy month for us too: My birthday, Emily's birthday and mother's day make for a busy and expensive month not to mention all the yard/garden work.

    For me and my house, we don't do big parties until the 3rd birthday. We just do family, cake and a few gifts. I figure they don't care and I don't want to have a party for my sake, so that's that. If nothing else, you can use my poor example as an excuse to give yourself a break!

  2. Thanks Rachael. I want to just do a family party too but that means extended family (grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins) so I have to wait. I keep trying to find a way to fit it in with having a guest but I think it would be more hectic (and since Pax goes to bed early I think we'll get home right in time for him to go to bed).

    I appreciate your input!

  3. I would just do something small with your own family. This is a day for you to get a little emotional that he's no longer a baby anymore :( (I know I'm going to shed some tears when my baby boy is turning 1)

    I wouldn't bother with gifts (because he doesn't know one way or another). I would celebrate with a cake and maybe just break out some pictures (or videos if you have them) to reminisce of his birth.

    The time capsule thing sounds awesome! That's such a great idea. I would love to send out a postcard or something to contribute, I'll email you! ;)

  4. Maybe you should have a family breakfast party on Saturday morning before the busy-ness of the weekend starts. Birthday-sprinkle pancakes & let ME give him a homemade gift/card. It will be more special for her to give it to him then rather than at a crowded party! You & Matt could write him a special note or make him a book & read it to him at the breakfast-party.Maybe get him a helium balloon. Just something short, easy, stress-free, & meaningful.

    He won't know & you will have the following weekend party to take pictures & celebrate ---so if you decide to just skip it until the following weekend then I think that would be just fine. But just thought I'd give you another idea to think about.

    I'm with you on the bitter-sweet feeling of our babies turning one. :)

  5. I think Shelly's idea is a good one. Do something special with your family on the morning of this birthday and take some pictures that day, then you have the next weekend to party with all your family. It'll be a memory for you and Matt (and possibly M.E., too!) even if Pax doesn't know the difference. Enjoy celebrating your baby's birth, though! The first birthday is a big milestone, for sure!

    Oh, and I was looking through a Real Simple catalog the other day for the first time and I saw your name in it! Your question was a valid one, but I think I disagree with the answer the other reader provided! :) I'm all about opening presents (except weddings, of course) with the guests there! I think it's fun (and gives me ideas for later parties!). Just my two cents. :)

  6. Thanks for your thoughts. I think I will do something small in the morning. Breakfast was a great idea!

    @Sandra--I'm not sure I agree with the Real Simple answer either for birthday parties. But if you want total honesty, I can't stand oohing and aahing over hundreds of outfits at baby showers :)

  7. In our house we never did to much for birthday parties until Mike knew what he wanted. We just did family get togethers with the grandparents. It doesn't matter what day you celebrate it on, he'll be the happiest any day that it's "his" day.
    Wait until he turns 16 or 18, now that's hard. We just celebrated Mike's 18th birthday in March and now the 6th of June is graduation. Time flies by so fast. Enjoy every single second. From the poop to pukes to tempertatums to homework to scouts to girls and more. ENJOY!!!
    Take care and have a great and blessed day.

  8. It's probably a little late in the game, but I would agree with all and say do a small family party! We ended up not even having a big party for David a month ago, and it was so special and sweet to have the time to ourselves. My parents took us out to Applebees, and it was very cute seeing David so excited to have a crowd of women singing 'Happy Birthday' to him. Family parties rock!


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