Friday, May 21, 2010

Frugal Fashion Friday: Wearing Patterns?

Remember when clashing wasn't cool?

Now mixing and matching patterns is all the rage!  Want to mix patterns and prints without looking like a clown?  Follow these tips:
  • Stay within the same color family.
  • Mix a large, bold print with a smaller subdued print.
  • Don't wear prints head to toe.
  • Make sure to wear a fitted piece (if you wear everything baggy or flowy you'll look like a curtain).
  • Pull it together with a neutral piece (spring jacket, belt, neutral pants or denim, etc.)
  • Use patterns in your accessories (do this if big pattern pieces--like shirts--scare you).
  • On a personal note, I don't dig mixing animal prints.  Other than that, I'm kind of a fan of mixing stripes with polka dots (or flowers), flowers with plaid, etc.
Stripes and Flowers (gosh, it's hard to tell but the dress has a striped bodice and floral skirt)

Polka Dot and Plaid

Big and Bold--Soft and Subdued Florals

Floral and Animal Print

Here's one of my pattern mixers! Same pink/brown family--one bold pattern, one more subdued.

I love this top!

So what's your vote?  Mixing prints and patterns: A trend to embrace or a trendy disgrace?


  1. I think those shirts look cute together on you.

    Funny that you are blogging about this because I was just thinking about this the other day, but on Simeon. That picture of him on my blog on his ride-on car, he has on a shirt with thick stripes (that says Happy Camper, which I love), & shorts that are a small plaid pattern. All in the same color scheme. I sat & looked at it on the bed before putting it on him & decided it was okay (plus he is a baby so it doesn't matter as much). All that to say that that this subject has been on my mind this week nice of you to blog about it.

    I also was thinking about it in regards to those cute new polka-dot flip flops I got...wondering if I could match them with a black & white striped top (I ended up opting for just a black tshirt) & dark khakis. I feel a bit more liberated to do so now.

    I think its a trend to embrace in moderation. We can all just check back & make sure we are looking more like your bottom picture & not your top one. Ha!

  2. Did you make that necklace? It's pretty fantastic.

  3. @Shelly--I agree it is a trend to embrace (if you follow the "rules" that is). Your little nearly 1 year old looks darling in his mix prints. And your polka-dot shoes will go great with a striped shirt (of course you're so cute you'd make a gunny-sack look good).

    @Sarah--*sigh* no. I bought that at Maurices 2 years ago. Since the awesome school of Jewelry A La Sarah I might try it though!


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