Friday, May 7, 2010

Frugal Fashion Friday: Wearing Black and Brown

There are many fashion rules that should be disregarded:

  • No white after Labor Day (in case you haven't noticed white pants are hot!)
  • Bags and shoes have to match (no, they should go but they don't have to match)
  • You can't wear black and brown together (oh really?)

A few weeks ago I talked about wearing colors and posted a photo of an outfit and an anonymous reader asked if I was wearing black shoes.  In fact I was wearing dark chocolate brown shoes but that's besides the point.  The point is, the reader assumed black and brown can never be worn together.  In fact some fashion gurus might die at the mention though most of it have done it before (those khaki pants you wear with your black t-shirt proves it. Khaki is a brown tone!)

The truth is you CAN mix your browns and blacks. Just keep a few pointers in mind:

Find hues that compliment each other. If you choose chocolate brown and black, keep it at that.  Don't mix chocolate with camel with black or it might look a bit confusing.

Notice that one shade rich brown suit paired with black accessories.  FYI, I'd never wear that hat.

Mix the colors throughout the outfit.  If you wear black head to toe and then toss on a brown scarf it might "appear" to others as a mistake.  Correct this by having a brown bag, belt, or shoes to go with the scarf.

Leave it to the celebs to pull of this look.  I'm sorry but how great is Anne Hathaway's get up?

Consider accessories that pull your browns and blacks together.  Never underestimate the power of an accessory to pull together a whole outfit.  Animal print (minimal) is a great way to pull together brown and black.

 Um, yes please!

Finally, remember trends ebb and flow in the river of public opinion.  Personal style is all your own.  So if you want to rock brown and black, I encourage you to move in your own way! 

5 invisible cool points for anyone who starts singing the song I alluded to there!

Black and brown--have I made a convert of you?


  1. I've always done this...worn black and brown together. This is mostly because those are my comfort zone colors (although I'm trying to 'think outside the box'). I say you can definitely pull this off and it can look great!

  2. I too have always worn black and brown together. I think it looks nice, especially when you had a popping color in the mix by way of a necklace or scarf. Great post, and yes Anne Hathaway's outfit is awesome.

  3. Phew--glad I'm not the only one! We must be real fashion rebels!

  4. Thought of this post while at Target this week. I got some cute flip flops for (I think, give or take a bit) $2.50. The straps are black with little white polka-dots and a little piece of (fake) brown leather at the point where the straps go between your toes. Wore them with some dark brownish khaki capris, a black t-shirt, & a denim jacket over that. I thought it looked alright! :)


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