Saturday, May 22, 2010

Days of Play--Memory Lane

Happy 1st Birthday, Pax!

In celebration of Paxton's first birthday, we'll be doing a walk down memory lane.

You should do it too--your kiddos will love it.

Get out photo albums, ratty toys, and other baby memorabilia and share with your children how they came to be (okay, maybe not the specifics) and how much they are loved.  Share silly stories, first words, etc.

Maybe, like Paxton, they'll be "too young" to get it but you won't be.  An emotional stroll down memory lane is always good therapy.


  1. Aw, I can't believe he's already 1!

    Every year on Lillian's birthday I snuggle up with her and tell her about the day she was born (omitting the gross/age innapropriate parts instead just focusing on the excitement of her arrival) and about our first night home with her. Then I show her photos of her as a baby and talk about how she was the most precious perfectly sweet and beautiful little baby in the world.

    She seemed to really enjoy it this year. :)

  2. @Rachael--Thank you! If only my children's paternal aunt and uncle were as considerate as you ...

    @Sarah--We do this every year too! M.E. likes it more and more. And now she likes the gross inappropriate stuff!


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