Friday, May 28, 2010

Date Night In--Star gazing

When the kids are in bed, sneak out into the yard or onto the patio (if you live in WY take lots of blankets and make cocoa).  Spend some time outside star gazing.  Lay on your backs.  Hold hands.

When Matt and I do this we like to play "Would You Rather ..."  This is silly and easy to play.  Simply come up with two options and your partner has to answer.

You can be:

  • Silly--"Would you rather kiss a monkey or a mouse?"
  • Adventurous--"Would you rather climb Everest or do a shark cage dive?"
  • Gross--"Would you rather eat my booger or one of the kids' boogers?"
  • Sexy--"Would you rather kiss me in the car or in the rain?"

Another fun gazing ideas is to wager how many shooting stars you'll see.  Who ever is right (or is the closest without going over--Price is Right rules all the way, baby!) gets a foot rub for the same number of minutes as there were shooting stars (4 stars=4 minutes).

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