Monday, May 3, 2010

Breast to Sippy--Weaning Advice Needed

Hello moms!

Paxton is almost 1 and I need some weaning advice.

He has been breastfed since day #1.  He absolutely refuses any type of bottle (even with breast milk).  He will not, not, not do any sort of formula (we've tried all kinds and he spits it out immediately and starts screaming).  I can "tell" that my production is not enough for him and I'm wanting to supplement/wean him around his oneish birthday.  M.E. pretty much did this herself with no problems.  Pax won't be that easy. Ergo, I NEED HELP!

If you have experience, advice, or commiseration, please share.

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And as always, thank you for being in this with me!


  1. We went right to the sippy. My youngest likes one with a straw instead of a regular sippy.

    My boys all self-weaned, but I did intro the cup around 1 and made sure to offer that first.

  2. My Daughter didn't wean until age 2yrs, though she did start taking a sippy with a straw at about 11-12 months (with water). At age 2yrs I gradually reduced the nursing sessions by replacing them with other cuddling time (rocking & reading a book, rocking & singing, etc).

  3. I wish that I could help, RJ, but as you know, I have never had to wean a child from the breast. The only advice I have is to have your gall bladder removed, then you can't feed him and he will have to take something else. And then, when you want to feed him, he will no longer want you. That is my only advice. Take it or leave it.

  4. I too am going to be dealing with this transition in about three months. :) (bitter sweet, tear). This is the sippy cup Simeon likes.

    The spout is super soft & flexible & he seems to be doing well with it when I've put breastmilk in it.

    One thing that worked with Simeon that you could try --Give him the sippy cup with a small amount of something in it while he is laying flat on the floor. Then gravity helps get the stuff to his mouth & he might figure it out faster. Simeon figured it out right away by doing that and he'd been playing with it for a month in his high chair without figuring out that there was stuff in it.

    Hope the transition goes smoothly! :)

  5. Thanks for the advice. We did the straw thing with M.E. and then she'd only take straws and that was a nightmare so I'm going to try really hard only doing straws.

    @Randean--I'm pretty sure I'll just hang onto the old gall bladder for now but thanks for you opinion,

    @Shelly--I'll look into that cup. Do you think I could get it from Walmart or Target or is Amazon the way to go?

  6. When you give him a bottle, have Matt do it for the first couple of times, and make sure you are nowhere to be seen or heard. It'll help him realize that dad can feed him too and maybe he'll take the bottle easier.

    Belle just went straight to the cup, but she had been eating from a bottle all her life. We got a cup that closely resembled the texture of the nipple on her bottle.

  7. I had the same issues! For us, I took the non-spill spout out of the sippy cups, put straight juice in it (b/c mine had never had it) and tipped it up, right into their mouths. Once they tasted it, that was it! They were working to figure that out!

    Once they got it, I went to water, breastmilk, or dilluted juice in the cup.

  8. I got that cup at Walmart, I just couldn't find that particular one on their site. I think the spout may be silicone (?) and that is why it is so soft & bendy. The spout actually comes out to be washed, like a bottle. I think it was about $6.50 which is a bit pricier than some sippy cups but I really like it! :)

  9. Reagan, I feel your pain. L is was the exact same way. She just started coming around about a week ago. I didn't want to wean her this early but do to some health issues, I haven't much choice. We had to start with the straw sippy cup. We have the one mentioned in the above comment (Walmart, silicone). We also had to start with juice just till she got the hang of it. I can now say that she is successfully drinking formula from a bottle or sippy cup. She does much better for dad. It takes me about an hour to get her to take 4-6oz. Dad can do it in about 10 minutes. Now, if you can give me engorgement advice. OUCH! I have done the warm shower, etc. Last night I told Jonathan I need to go pump. His reply, "that's what he said" LOL


  10. @Heather--First of all, Bravo Jonathan! I'm glad L is taking a bottle. Pax NEVER had juice before and so I gave him some pedialite and he took that "so-so" from a sippy. I'll keep working at it. I don't have to be done but I feel bad because he needs more than he's getting so I want to supplement ... Engorgement--ouch. When M.E. stopped nursing (the same day as our 80's prom-themed murder mystery dinner) I got horribly engorged. I pumped for a month so she could have BM instead of formula. Then after a year I pumped less and less for less amounts of time until there was nothing left. Good luck!

  11. Hey, I know I'm a little late replying (I've been off of my computer for a while)but here is my my non-professional advice......

    With my daughter Ava, I had to stop because of an infecton when she was around 10mo. so I was desperate to get her to take something else. We tried the sippy cups with the silicone insert and she would just chew on it, so we just gave her a regular one and she figured out pretty quick what to do with it.

    She refused any kind of formula and after seeking advice myself, someone reminded me thjat breastmilk is very sweet, so it's hard to switch them over sometimes. I tried rice milk and then eventually soy milk, because these are a lot sweeter and resemble the taste of breastmilk better than regular milk or formula. Just a suggestion.

    If you do decide on either of these, though, rice milk has considerably less protien in it, but there's controversy over the estrogen in soy. Rice milk worked for us when switching over. Hope this helps! Good Luck. I will be doing it all over again pretty soon, myself. :)

  12. @Sarah and Mandy-_Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement.

    @Shelly--I'll check that out the next time I can force myself into Walmart.

    @Amy--That's an interesting suggestion. I'll look into rice/soy.

  13. We haven't had a problem weaning (with either A or M), but found that transitioning to a cup worked easiest when we used the Nuby kind that allows liquid to flow out when baby bites down on it. Since we'd never done the bottle route, we didn't want to encourage sucking on a cup. Also, with A we just toughed it out until she finally got thirsty enough to give the milk a try. With M, we did very watered down juice, thinking the little bit of sweet flavor would get him interested. GOOD LUCK!!!


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