Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What I Think About--Sandra Bullock

By now you've surely heard that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are having marital problems.  

Have you even been cheated on or betrayed?  If so you probably know how broken and humiliated Sandra Bullock must feel right now.  I've been there and I can honestly say that what she's going through must be so much worse.  Why?  Because in the name if entertainment, the rest of America is standing by with baited breath waiting to hear the sorted details that are breaking her heart.  (I know there are those who'll say, "she's made her living by being a public figure" to which I'll reply, "she's made her living by being professionally--not to be confused with personally--public.")

Is something wrong here?  

Of course it is.  Our obsession with being in-the-know when it comes to other people's personal lives is disconcerting to me.  Does it make us feel better to know that our lives aren't as crappy as theirs (or that their lives are as crappy as ours)?  Why are we so obsessed with celebrity gossip?

So what do I think about Sandra Bullock?  I think I need to pray for peace, healing, and restoration of her heart.  

What do I think about her marriage with Jesse James?  Nothing.  It's none of my business.

Anyone else feeling a bit convicted about gossip?


  1. What do I think about Sandra Bullock? --Well I'm excited to see The Blind Side when it gets to the Redbox. I should finish the book today if I can stay awake for more than 5 minutes (stupid head cold). As far as her personal life ---I agree that their personal life should be left as their own. Matt went through similar feelings (and blogged about it) regarding Tiger Woods.
    Good thoughts!

  2. Your "What I Think About" posts always remind me of the quote from Julie and Julia, "I could write a blog. I have thoughts!" :)

    That being said, I totally agree. I'm not a fan of gossip in any way it comes.

  3. Ditto... I don't care about Tiger Woods' personal life one bit, and I also don't feel I have any right to know about Sandra Bulloch's recent heartbreak. I like her as an actress and she seems like a cool and loving person - I do feel very sad for her, but I personally find no enjoyment from hearing the details. It's between her and her husband.

    I'm not a big fan of gossip either. Sometimes I can get sucked in if it pertains to people I know in real life.. but it really depends on the reasons behind talking about the goings on.

  4. I love that you say it's none of your business. So true...and not mine either!

  5. @Shelly--Loved the Blind Side. It is pretty inspiring and convicting.

    @Sarah--I do have thoughts (who knew, right?!)

    @Mandy--I'm more easily sucked into gossip that pertains to me. For some reason celeb gossip never appealed to me.

    @CrazyMom--glad you see things my way! Ha ha! :)


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