Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things I love--Right Hand Rings

When I graduated with my Master's degree Matt got me this delightful, dainty right hand ring.  It had a diamond in it for every five years I'd been in school (which was 20 years total at that point!).  I loved that ring and pretty much never took it off.

Sadly, I had a viscous run in with a door (door 1, hand/ring 0) and my lovely ring was destroyed.  We tried to take the ring back to the jeweler but it was going to cost more to fix the ring than it cost to purchase it.  And to make matters even worse, we weren't in a financial position to fix or buy a new one.  :(

Three years later I'm still bummed about not having a right hand ring. But we still aren't in a place where we can drop $500+ on a ring.

But I still web-dream.  My criteria: simple, under-stated elegance, dainty and not a bank-buster.

Here's my newest crush.

This Everlon beauty looks pricey but is totally affordable!  What I really love, though, is that it is two-toned just like my wedding ring!  


I love right hand rings (especially this one).  Matt, you're reading this, right?


  1. I love two-toned jewelry and love the above choice.

    My mom bought me a beautiful sapphire ring when I got my masters degree. I love wearing it. It is now currently my left-hand stand-in wedding band until I get mine sized. I was just having a nakey left hand but went out to some bars with my cousins and switched it to my left hand as to not look single. haha! It has stayed there since. Soon it shall be a righht-hand ring again.

  2. Sorry about all the in other hand.

  3. @ Deb--I know! *sigh*

    @ Shelly--lol about typing with baby. I blame all my bad grammar on that.

    @ Amy--where have you been? I've missed you this week :)

  4. That is a beautiful ring! I try to be practical but I do love jewelry, usually the expensive kind. Aaron gave me a diamond right hand ring for Christmas on year, but it's too tight. I can't wait to loose some more weight so I can wear it again.

  5. I love that ring. I was secretly hoping Chris would be getting it for me for Christmas. No such luck. I miss being able to wear my right hand rings. Since I got pregnant with Belle I haven't been able to wear them. I don't want to get them sized, because I'm hoping to lose the weight, and then they'll fit again. I have a star sapphire that was my moms. She gave it to me when I was 13. It'd be nice to wear it again.


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