Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I Love--Resurrection Eggs

Family Life has this delightful tool to help teach children about Easter, Jesus and the Resurrection.  They are called Resurrection Eggs.

The eggs come in a hard plastic egg carton.  Each egg has a different toy that represents part of the Easter story and a handy little book that tells scripture you can read to children to help explain the significance of the toy.

Every year before Easter I start hiding eggs.  Day 1, egg 1.  Day 2, eggs 1 and 2.  Day 3 eggs 1-3.  You get the picture.  With each new egg my children and I read the scriptures and discuss the meaning.  It is pretty cute to hear M.E.'s version of the tale.

Day 1--Donkey--Jesus rode a donkey into Jrsulm and people shout ShoHanna! (her pronunciations)
Day 2--Judas betrays Jesus for thirty monies.
Day 3--Jesus had one last supper with his friends.
Day 4--Jesus went to the garden to pray.

It is pretty great!

If you are interested I suggest looking into Family Life to get a set!  The set is under $15 and can be re-used every year (this is our 3rd year with our set and it isn't getting old at all!).


  1. That's cute! And much better than a candy overload. :)

  2. Loving all of your Easter ideas! Oh and I'm trying out the cookies today with my daycare kiddos. We're going to make them before naptime and eat for a snack after nap, I'm so excited about them learning more about the REAL meaning of Easter.


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