Friday, April 16, 2010

Frugal Fashion Friday

Welcome to the first installment of Frugal Fashion Friday (look for similar posts 1-2 times a month)!  Here I hope to share some bargain outfit ideas from stores that aren't bank breakers (Old Navy v. Saks 5th Avenue).

Can't buy the stuff new?  Look in your closet and see if you can duplicate ideas with what you already have OR hit second hand stores like Plato's Closet or Goodwill.

Before we get into this I had to share one of my outfits.  Remember when I talked about wearing colors (if not you can read it here) and I said you could wear primary colors?  Well here's an example!

Gap yellow striped henley-$9.99
Levi Jeans--$30.00
Royal blue bangle--$.25 at Goodwill
Blue charm necklace--$0 (a gift from Uruguay)
Red Mary Janes--$14.99 from TJ Maxx (but free to me because they were a gift from my mom).

I should mention that these jeans are 8 years old and when I bought them, they didn't have that "destroyed denim" look.  Years of wearing them gives them the destroyed flair!

I should also mention that the shoes are my "signature" wardrobe piece.  I wear them as often and with as many outfits as possible!

Okay, now for some outfit inspiration for you!

When I look in magazine at Spring gear I'm always reminded that the clothes are meant for places that have 70 degree spring weather (as opposed to WY's 50 degree spring weather).  That in mind, I created some outfits that have great layers OR use some awesome spring sweaters.

The first idea combines a spring sweater, cargo capris, and gladiator sandals for a look that chic enough to wear to lunch with friends but causal enough to chase kids around in.

This look throws together layers--a great classic T and a trendy cardi paired with your favorite jeans and rain boots looks pulled together and practical.

A classic look for church and brunch afterwards. I know what you're thinking--"white pants?? I have kids!" If you can't commit to white, this will work with trouser jeans or even khaki pants. Is anyone else thrilled that gladiator sandals and gold jewelry are making a comeback?

Hope these outfits inspire you as you create your new spring wardrobe!

Do you have a "look" you'd like me to create for you?  Let me know.

(P.S.  I did two posts today so if you need a date idea, scroll down.  Body paint anyone?).


  1. Great looks! I love cardigans. I just recently bought a white sleeveless cardi from Forever 21 and I love it. Got lots of compliments on it as well.

    I have to admit, I'm not too great at accessorizing, or I just don't give it much thought. I love new ideas though!

  2. your outfits!

  3. Great looks! I am very excited that gold jewelry is making a comeback. I've always worn gold. I think it looks better since I'm a blonde.

  4. Great looks. I need to have you come over and look at my closet, so you can help me be more fashionable! :)

  5. Sarah--When would you like me there :)


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