Friday, April 9, 2010

Date night In--Mad Libs

Remember doing Mad Libs as a kid?  They were pre-written stories that were missing some of the parts of speech and you had to fill them in and then read the silly story.

Go to the store and grab a pad of Mad Libs and spend a date night filling them out.  Perhaps wager who can have the funniest, sexiest, grossest, etc., story!  (We always bet back rubs).

Another option is to make your own story (do this if you want a steamy version).

Here's a sample Mad Lib:

If I were to go on a perfect date, I’d love to take ______ (date’s name) to ______ (city name). We would begin our evening by going to a _______ (adjective) restaurant, where we’d eat lots of ______ (food) and ______ (food). Spending the evening ______ (“ing” verb) at ______'s (date's name) ______ (body part, something similar) would definitely top off the best time together. For dessert, I want to take ______ (date’s name) to the fun ______ (place). There, we’ll jump on the large red _______ (noun) and I’ll buy him/her the ______ (adjective) present, such as a ______ (adjective) ______ (noun).
You know, it’s amazing how dating someone so ________ (adjective) and ______ (adjective) can complete me. I’ve always wanted a man/woman who had a large ______ (noun) and who wants to ______ (verb) with me. Our night would end ______ (adverb) with his/her ______ (body part) on my ______ (noun).

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