Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's Too Clean Tip--SOCKS

Laundry is not one of my life's loves.  I love to dust and shine my sink but laundry and ironing are my nemeses (well, there are others but that's all I'll bore you with that today).

Anyhow, one of my least favorite things about doing laundry is looking for socks.  Even if the dryer doesn't eat one (and to be honest, I blame the washing machine half of the time just because I think dryers get a bad rap), I hate the process of digging through a mound of laundry in search of the other navy blue trouser sock with light blue squares on it.  Ug.  What a time waster.

A few years ago I read (in Real Simple) that an easy solution to this was to pin your socks together.  I tried this for a while and it did work.  Socks came out of the dryer already mated.  But the problem was getting the socks pinned.

I had several options:

  1. Dig through the dirty laundry to find sock mates and then pin the swampy socks together.  A collective Ewwww! please.
  2. Have Matt pin his own socks together (and honestly, I'm still trying to convince him NOT to leave his socks in a sock ball after taking them off.  How does that happen, exactly?).
Neither of these worked.  And it got worse after we had the Divine Miss M and all of sudden the world's cutest frilly socks were dominating the laundry and getting lost in drastic proportions.

Something had to give.

My solution: Get a lingerie bag

When you or your kids take their socks off, put them into the lingerie bag (it might be best to have a bag for each family member or one for adults and one for kids).  I throw the whole bag in the washer and dryer and wa la!  No missing kid socks.  

I'm still working on Matt.


  1. Great ideas. I never would have thought of either of these. I dislike doing laundry. Luckily that is one hubby helps with.

    I would have to have a bag in my car! My daughter ran out of socks last week and it coincided with me cleaning out my car. I found at least 4 pairs of socks in there. Not sure why she thinks she needs to take them off then second she gets in the car... and then put her shoes back on without mom knowing anything is different.

  2. I use laundry bags for stuff like that, too! We have SO many socks now that I no longer use it for that purpose.. and yes.. I spend my life sorting and matching them. And,I agree.. it's the washer's fault!


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