Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Too Clean Tip--The OTHER ROOM bag

Have you ever done this?

You start to clean out your make-up drawer and after emptying the drawer of its contents you find a paper clip. So you leave the bathroom and go to your desk and put the paperclip in the paperclip cup.  Under the paperclip cup you find a reminder to call a friend. So you go get the phone and call your friend.  While you are talking on the phone you pull out your magazines so you can sort and organize them and find a dust bunny (or in my case, a dust sasquatch). So you get the broom and start to sweep.  As you sweep under your couch and out comes a nail file.  You put the broom to the side and walk into the bathroom to put the nail file back into your make-up drawer and on your way you end the phone conversation and hang up the phone.  When you walk into the bathroom, make up junk is all over the counter.  When you survey the rest of your house you find magazines strewn about the couch and a pile of dirt and hair in the middle of the floor.  All this mess because you wanted to find a better spot for your deodorant?  Are you kidding me?

This is the adult version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie except it happens all to often and isn't quite so cute.

If this happens to you, let me offer you a suggestion.  Get an OTHER ROOM or box.

This can be a fancy fabric number or an old shoe box or plastic shopping sack.  You choose.  But next time you organize something (and remember to organize in small chunks never getting out more in one hour than you can put back in that hour) keep this bag/box by your side.  Whenever you come across something that doesn't belong in the room you're in, put it in the bag/box and later when you have completed your task, you can put the the stuff back in the room where it belongs.

When you clean out the bag, just put the items in the place where they go.  Don't overwhelm yourself organizing that space too.  If the desk is a mess, put the clip in its spot and move on.  Vow to come back to the desk when you have the time and energy to devote to it.

Why is it Tuesday's TOO clean tip?
A lovely follower contacted me to let me know that I was using the wrong TO in Tuesday's Too Clean Tip title.  The follower suggested I needed to use "TO" and is a TO DO list.  This is true.  However, I call this a "TOO CLEAN" tip because it is a "TO DO" but generally these are extra or excessive ideas from a crazy cleaner.  Thus, my play on words.  TOO is correct, just not grammatically :)


  1. I love your 'TOO' Clean Tips! ;) Because I am also a 'TOO' clean junkie! I did this just the other day. Started to clean off the desk....ran to put something away in the other room and began a whole new task until I had forgotten what I started to begin with. Shamus had to remind me that I was cleaning off the desk, when I asked why a cetain object was sitting on the kitchen couter, out of place. He reminded me that I sat it there on my way to the other room to put something away! It seems I have Adult ADD when I start cleaning these days!

    I do, sometimes, manage to stay in the room I start in. Although, I've never used an 'other room' bag or box, I usually just make a pile on the floor somewhere of 'other room' stuff until I'm done.

  2. I love these. My house always turns into a mess on Mondays b/c of school and needing to run a billion errands so it's nice to have these little tips on Tuesdays when I'm trying to get the house back in order. :)


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