Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesdays Too Clean Tip--DVD Organization

When we moved into our new house I got to design our closets and I gotta tell you, it was dreamy.  In my cleaning closet I purposefully made lots of shelving but with room for my vacuum and floor cleaners below.  It was perfect.
Or so I thought.

Imagine my surprise when my dreamy closet started looking like this!

Are you shocked?  I know--me too!

I feel like I need to justify myself.

Here's what happened.  When we moved we had a TV niche built in above our fireplace.  Great for the TV.  Not so great for the "stuff" that accompanies TVs.  We quickly realized we needed a spot for all of our cords and DVDs and VHS tapes (yes, we still have a VCR and tapes because I refuse to buy DVD versions of Barney that the kids will outgrow in a year anyway!).  My great little cleaning closet became a haven for all the non-sense that didn't have a home in our new home.

Needless to say the closet became a bone of contention in my home.  For whatever reason I was totally unsettled.  So one Saturday organizing this closet was my mission.

I had to be realistic that the closet needed to house items not specifically intended to be there (cords, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc.).  I also had to be creative.  So here's what I did:

  1. I bought bins (for large cords groups) and drawers (for phone cords and accessories).  I also got some baskets for cleaning gear and a car CD organizer.  I spent less than $30 at Target.
  2. I took everything OUT of the closet and grouped them (phone items, Ipod stuff, camera gear, cleaning stuff, dvds, movies, etc).
  3. I tackled individual groups.  I minimized where I could and put items in bins (Ipod stuff in one bin, phone accessories in drawers, camera manuals and cords in another, etc.).
  4. The DVDs were the big task.  I took all the DVDs and covers out of the cases and put them in the CD case.  I alphabetized the movies by genre (Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, and Romance).  I left 4 spaces at the end of each genre to add more as needed (we don't buy a lot of movies).
All of these DVDs fit into one big CD case with the exception of kid's DVDs which I put into a smaller, travel sized case.  Now it goes from closet to car with ease!

This was a huge space saver and I was able to EASILY freecycle the empty dvd cases (though plan B was to call schools to see if art teachers wanted them).

Now my closet looks like this!

DVD cases for kids' movies (which I kept because I'll eventually pass them on) and VHS movies are on the very high, top shelf.

The second shelf is used for DVDs (on the far left).  Technology gadget stuff is in the center, and manual bins are on the far right.

Cleaning stuff is on the bottom shelf.  Big bottle cleaners that need diluted are in a basket on the left and small spray cleaners are in a basket on the right.

Ironing tools are front and center and within easy grasp for Matt.  (That's right, I don't iron.  Domestic goddesses such as myself have limits.  Ironing is mine!).

My watering can is also up front for two reasons.  1.  To remind me that I actually need to water plants 2.  The natural light green tone of the closet just makes the watering can look like a useful but cute accessory.  And who says you can't accessorize your closets!?!

Sadly none of these items are labeled because my label maker is out of paper.  Tragic comedy, I know.

Are you emotionally attached to your DVD cases?  Would you ever consider organizing them like this?  How'd I do?


  1. It looks great! I love all of the green, it's easy on the eyes!

    We have friends who have ditched their DVD cases and organized them like you have. We've talked about doing it, but aren't sure if we really want to. I don't think it's our cases that we are attached to though. We have a big media cabinet that we bought for storing DVD's in. We love it, but it's too small for all of the ones we have (and we don't purchase movies a lot either).

    We may end up ditching our cases, it sure would save space!

  2. Everyone should do this! Kim told me about this about a year ago when we were moving. I can't tell you how much better it was to move three CD cases vs. boxes and boxes of DVD cases. It is so easy to find our movies and it takes up way less room. It has really simplified our life. Great blog today! Nichole


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