Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I Love--Real Simple

Every month I count down the days until I open my mailbox and waiting in there under a pile of junk mail, bank statements, and bills is my delightfully thick Real Simple magazine.

My bestie Kim introduced me to the magazine over nine years ago and I love it.  I love the small quotations on the binding.  I love the crisp fonts, the clever contents, the quirky cover photos ...

When I get my new magazine it become imperative that I find 30 minutes to thumb though it.

I have to read the Your Words section first.  Basically Real Simple asks a silly question every month and people send in their answers.  Somehow many of the responses prove that I have hundreds of kindred spirits around this country!  (And just so you know, Real Simple actually printed one of my responses about two years ago--Tthe question: how do you find motivation to exercise.  The answer: sassy-white Bond girl bikini).

Now to be honest, I get a little irritated with some of the features.  Real Simple is great about having an article titled "Affordable Fashion" that highlights slouchy brown boots for $400 (which might be affordable if you aren't living on one income but even then I'd feel guilty.  Don't they know some people don't make $400 a year!).  There are also too many ads.  However, the new uses for old things sections, the recipes, and the organization tips are totally worth ignoring (or trying to ignore) that J. Crew ad for the heather gray deep V-neck sweater.

Real Simple is the only magazine I subscribe to.  It's my once a month 30 minute escape from snotty noses and "what's for dinners?"  In thirty minutes I've laughed.  I've thought about crying.  I've found a new recipe.  I've mentally taken note of what's in style.  I come away refreshed from my Real Simple and Me time.

1 Real Simple
30 minutes
Happy Reagan

If you don't want to subscribe then I highly suggest their website.

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  1. Every mom needs her rag mag time. Mine are all about food and travel. It's like heaven on a full page glossy spread.


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