Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Moon

So today is the big day.

The first day of spring!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Of course it's only 21 degrees in Wyoming and there is snow everywhere but just knowing it is officially spring makes me pretty happy.

It's also a big day because it is my sister-in-law, Libby's, birthday.

Who am I kidding?

New Moon is released today!  My sister and her 9 year old son went to the midnight release party and got me a copy.  My folks are hand delivering it late this afternoon and I'm super excited (Matt, on the other hand, is pretty depressed).

It's so bad it's good.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Poor Matt! Chris on the other hand ordered it has a directors selection from Columbia House, and was watching Twilight last night while I was starting my blog!!! How funny is that. I think we need to have a Twilight Party, haha! Chris was pretty upset when he learned that New Moon came out today and he has to wait to get his copy! So for this weekend we are clieaning house and getting organized! Fun stuff eh?

  2. I'm waiting for Khale to wake up from his Saturday nap so we can watch it. :)

  3. I just got done unloading two, very full, garbage bags of food that mom and dad brought over. Unfortunately, I had to throw 90% of it out because it was expired (and we aren't talking about having just expired but WAY expired...think early '09). Kaeden is going with Tim for the rest of the weekend and Ella is spending the night with Cherlyn, so it is just me, Bitty and Jori. I think that this is going to be the perfect time to watch Twilight and New Moon. Super Excited. Hope you had a great time at Disney on Ice. When it comes your time to watch the movie, just use your infamous words of wisdom and tell Matt to "drop the purse." Loves ya.

  4. Hi Reagan.

    Took dd to store last night at Midnight to get her copy. Read about it here

    We are having a New Moon Release party tonight. Nothing too special. She's having some friends over for a twilight/new moon marathon.

  5. Sarah M.--He must be a good Twilight fan since your such a good sports fan.
    Sarah L.--Hope he wakes up and doesn't play dead :)
    Randean--I'd tell him to drop the purse but I feel a bit bad since he sat through 2 hours of Disney on Ice today!
    Deb--Are you invited to your daughter's New Moon party?

  6. Just think of it this way, Matt sat through two hours of Disney on Ice as a sacrifice for his beloved daughter. It really had nothing to do with you. One day, he may even have to go to the store and buy her some tampons. Oh, the things that we partents will have to do for the love of our kids.

    Point being, that your should have no guilt, then, in telling him that he has to watch New Moon with you.

  7. Matt did watch New Moon but he preferred Twilight. The mopey love cheesy vampire politics really turned him off (that and he doesn't think that Bella has very many redeeming qualities--she's self-inflicting depression junkie. He does like that she is nice to her dad, though.

    Yay Matt. Now he only has to watch it another forty times this weekend ... Randean--did you and Jeff have a Twilight Series movie night?

  8. My husband and I both love the Twilight Series! We did go out and buy New Moon, but not until last night. We didn't stand in line at midnight, so obviously we can't claim to be the Biggest fans, but we come close!


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