Sunday, February 21, 2010

Days of Play--Kid

The Divine Miss M absolutely loves to play this game called "Kid."  Basically what we do is she is "mom" and I am her kid.  Try as I may, she won't give me another name.  I'm just kid.

I really suggest letting your kid be in charge when you play Kid but if you want some ideas, have your "mom":

  • tuck you in for a little nap
  • read you a story
  • feed you (messy but fun)
  • change your diaper
The best part of this game is getting to see what motherhood looks like from the eyes of your little people.

Warning: If your little person says things to you like "not right now" or "I'm too busy" or "KID A. KAUFMAN!!" you might want to re-evaluate how you talk to him/her!  Ha ha!


  1. Lol! My 2yr. old said this to me (after asking her to help pick up her toys) "Mommy, don't be bossy!" Obviously, I have said this to her too many times!

    Thanks for the great ideas...I enjoy reading your Days Of Play posts!

  2. It is so interesting to see how kids play (and what they show to US about how we play with them), isn't it.

    I'm glad you enjoy these. I love intentional play with my kids!


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