Saturday, February 27, 2010

Date night In--Tickle Challenge

Matt and I partook of this deliciously funny date last Friday night.  It's a great, free in-home date.

What to organize:

  • Get some time when you can be alone together.
  • Set the mood.  We did a fire with a comfy bed on the floor, a great Pandora station playing (deep relaxation), and candle light.
  • Dress in something VERY comfy.  I did yoga pants and a tank top (in Wyoming!). 
  • Get a big bag for you and your hubby.  (Nothing see-through.  You don't want to know what is in there).
  • Get a post-it and a pen for each of you/
  • Now it's time for the fun!

Here's how to do the date:

  1. You and hubby are both going to "bet" that you'll win the challenge and you're so confident that you'll do an act of service for your spouse if you don't win!  You'll each have a post-it note to write your wager on.  Make your wager something you know your hubby would like and have him do the same.  Whoever wins gets the wagered act of service from his/her spouse.  For example, my DH loves a back/hamstring massage so my wager would be a 20 minute massage.  I hate making the bed so his wager would be to make the bed for a week.
  2. Now, each grab a bag and set off in different rooms of the house collecting 5-10 random items (the more you get, the longer the date lasts).
  3. Here's where it gets fun.
  4. Take turns laying on your tummy with shirt pulled up and back exposed.  Now tickle with your random items.
  5. Your spouse gets 3  tries to guess what the item is.
  6. Switch roles after every item.  Set aside the correct guesses.
  7. Whoever has the correct guesses wins the act of service.
  8. If you really want to make this fun lay out all the items you each brought categorized by who brought what.  Is there a theme (like did one of you bring mostly hygiene/cleaning supplies)?  It's kind of entertaining to see how our unintended grabs of random items reveal something about our personality.

What Matt brought:

  • toothpick
  • toothbrush
  • cigar (I didn't even know he had one of these vile things.)
  • piece of paper
  • and something else we can't remember :)

What I brought:

  • an orange belt from Matt's martial art's gi
  • a soap/sponge dishwashing gadget
  • a ball
  • a Kleenex
  • a hanger
FYI, I won the date challenge and the award for the most random and eclectic assortment of junk (which kinda matches my thought life).

So how does this sound?  Is this something you and DH would do?  If so, share your thoughts (or let me know who won what!).

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