Friday, January 8, 2010

Spy School Intro Letter

Use this letter to introduce your hubby to his spy school adventure.

Welcome to the Bond Spy School for Hot Dads.

You are among the most elite men chosen to enter this spy school. At this school you will be given a variety of tasks and challenges to complete. Each task is designed to expand your knowledge, skill set, or intimacy level. Some tasks may be difficult, others silly, and others might push you out of your comfort zone. But do not give up for each task completed is rewarded.

Be prepared to work alone or together with your Bond Girl. Be prepared for danger, adventure, and fun. Be prepared to think outside of the box, to go where you've never gone before, and to give into spontaneity. Do not be faint of heart. A life of romance and intimacy with your Bond Girl requires steadfastness, loyalty, and fearlessness. You can do it.

Good luck with your training.

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