Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spy School #5

In this challenge you will be encouraging your husband to show off a skill he already has.  Allow yourself to be his student and be open and willing to stretch out of your comfort zone to have him teach you something.  Is it a karate move?  The proper way to shoot a basketball?  How to fire a weapon?

E-mail or text your husband the following (you fill in the date and time--give your husband sufficient time to prepare).

The Challenge
While you are enrolled in the Spy School to learn, there are times when the student becomes the master.  What do you have mastered?  What do you do well?  Find a talent you have and practice teaching it for in one week you will teach your Bond Girl how to do it.   You will need to let your Bond Girl know where to meet you, when, and what to wear by (date, time).

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