Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spy School #3

Today's challenge is designed to increase your husband's knowledge about drinks.  To prepare, read up on when to stir and when to shake.  Here's a good link

If you do not drink your husband can still learn this tidbit (this might come in handy in Trivia Pursuit) but instead of making alcoholic drinks, he can make Virgin Pina Coladas, Sex on the Beach, and Manhattans.  Recipes here .

Determine what reward your husband will receive for good explanations and a drink well made.  Present him the reward even if the drink is barely drinkable; he is playing along, after all!

Text or e-mail your husband the following challenge:

The Challenge
Today's challenge will help you become a Master at Mixology.  At our next party, wow our guests with your brilliant knowledge and ability to mix a variety of drinks.

For your challenge you must:

1.  Learn when to stir and when to shake.  Be prepared to explain this to me.
2.  Learn the recipes of three popular drinks, one of which must be the Bond Martini.
3.  Make us each one drinks.  Drinkability=reward!

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  1. This had been my DH's favorite so far. He made some very yummy drinks!


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