Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spy School #2

Today you will challenge your husband's observational skills in a funny and tricky manner. To prepare for this challenge, do the following:

1. Cut and paste the challenge into a Word document e-mail it to him OR print it and leave it in his car OR text it to him.

2. Get a flat tray OR cookie sheet and put a bunch (at least 20) of random stuff on it. For example, tape, pencil, screwdriver, key, change, rubber band, crayon, small toy, lipstick, etc.

3. Dress in a sexy/flashy outfit with LOTS of accessories (for example--skirt, patterned tights, heels, button down shirt, scarf, ear rings, bracelets, etc.)

4. Have a notepad and pen handy. The notepad will have the directions on it. Also get a timer.

5. At some point in time when you and your husband are both home, surprise him with this challenge.

6. Prepare rewards for him.

To do the challenge:
Stand in front of your husband with the tray and have him take a look. Set the timer for 2 minutes and let him LOOK (no hands) for the full 2 minutes (or until he thinks he has it, whichever comes first).

When the timer dings, give him the notepad with directions upside down. Tell him when you leave the room he needs to set the timer for 2 minutes, flip the pad over, and do what the instructions tell him.

Notepad Instructions

On the notepad write:

You have 2 minutes to write down in detail what I was wearing. The tray was a diversion.

Reward Ceremony
When the 2 minutes are up, come back into the room and go over the list with him. Then give your husband a reward. Make it a tiered reward so that they more things he observed, the better the reward.

For example:
0-2 items--1 minute kiss
3-5 items--I'll take out garbage for a week
6-10 items--I'll make your favorite meal
10+ items--20 minute back rub

Please be aware that this is meant to be fun and silly. Do not become angry with your spouse if he didn't notice much and DO NOT make fun of him. If your husband feels like he's been made a fool of he'll be hesitant to continue with spy school.

**e-mail or text the following challenge to your hubby**

The Challenge

A spy is always aware of what is going on around him. Today your observational skills will be put to the test. You will be challenged when least expected. Keep your eyes open and be wary of diversions.

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  1. This one was way fun. DH said I was wearing things I wasnt. Heehee


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