Thursday, January 7, 2010



If you love your kids but have every wondered, "Really, this is why I was created? Does spit-up have to be part of the uniform?" then this blog is for you!

In fact, nearly every woman I know struggles with balancing the multiple roles she plays and often times the role of Woman is swallowed up by roles of mom and wife. As a mom and wife, I identify with feelings of guilt when 100% of my time and energies are not devoted to my husband and children. This feeling, however, is dangerous! To be the mom and wife my family deserves, I need to find, explore and celebrate the fullness of the woman God created me to be!

Is your ME in Mommy lost in diaper changes, low-grade fevers, and temper tantrums? If so, visit this site regularly for parenting bloopers, romantic ideas, great books to read, family night ideas, recipes and more.

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