Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Days of Play--Guess Box

You'll need:
Box that has a hand-sized hole in it
small objects
tape to securely close box

For young children:
Enlist even little ones to help find small toys to put in the box.  Let your child put toys in and take them out.  Talk about shape, color and texture as the items go in and out.

For toddlers:
Have your toddler help you find small items to go in the box.  After the box has several items, ask your toddler to reach in and pull out the ___(ball)___.

For older children:
Don't let older kids see what goes into the box. Instead, fill it and give them 3 minutes to feel around in there.  Then, hand them a note pad and give them 5 minutes to write down everything they can remember (or tell you and you can be their scribe if they don't write as fast as they think/talk).

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