Thursday, January 21, 2010

Days of Play--Card Sharks

You'll need:
Small snack (popcorn, peanuts, mini-Goldfish, etc.)
Deck of Cards

For young children:
Let your little ones manipulate the cards.  Try to have cards that feel like plastic so your wee one can munch on them.  It is never too soon to show colors and to count.

For toddlers:
Examine the deck of cards.  Point out the colors, the shapes, the numbers, the faces.  Show your child how you can shuffle (I haven't yet met a 3 year old who wasn't impressed by a bridge shuffle).  Count from 1-10 with the cards and point out that the Ace is 1 and the faces are 10.

To play card sharks, have your child pick a color and a suit (red hearts).  You do likewise with a contrasting color (black spades).  Put the 2 suits together and shuffle.  Take turns flipping over the cards. Every time your child's suit comes up, he or she eats that many snacks (so if the 3 of hearts shows up, your child eats three mini-gold fish).

For older children:
Teach them to shuffle.  If you know a good card trick, show them (and then teach them).  Build a house of cards with them.  Snack while you visit.

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  1. My sweet little 4 year old peanut is going to stay at Gramma Ginny's today so I won't get to do today's activity with her. Guess I'll double up on the fun when she gets home on Monday. Enjoy G.G.'s house, Meems!


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