Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day of Play--Lava Sharks

Two of the world's scariest elements combine for this fun game of tag that is suitable for 2+ people.

To Play:

1.  In your living room, randomly spread out pillows, blankets, place mats, etc., to create "islands."
2.  Explain to your child that you will take turns chasing each other.  The chaser may touch the floor but the person being chased can only touch the islands.
3.  Play chase.  A new person becomes "it" if he or she falls in the lava (touches the ground) OR gets eaten by the shark (tagged).

To make this easier for younger children:

Have BIG islands made out of receiving blankets and put them close to one another in a circle format.  The adult who is "it" should chase on their knees.  I encourage a "tackle" sort of tag that leaves you rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter and giggles.

To make this more difficult for older children:

Use small islands (pillows, opened cloth napkins) spread quite far apart to encourage jumping, leaping, etc.  If you need an even more extreme version play the game where everyone is it and the last person standing "wins" (though we all win when we play with our children, don't we?).


  1. I used to play a game like this with my brothers when we were little. So much fun!

  2. My sister and I used to play it too, Sarah, and it is still one of my favorite games! Who doesn't need a perfectly legitimate excuse to jump on the furniture?


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