Thursday, January 7, 2010


Welcome to Where is the ME in Mommy?

About this Blog
For some reason several women asked me to start a blog sharing parenting tips and stories, reading lists, date ideas, and recipes.

While this blog will contain all of that and more, eventually, I hope that it will do more than help us be better wives and moms--I hope that through sharing and camaraderie building, this blog will allow us to encourage one another to celebrate who we are as women!

Below are some topics and subtopics I hope to cover in this blog.

  • 1-2 times a month look for my outfits, fashion tips, fashion blunders, etc.
Date Ideas
  • are geared to help you date your husband.  Get out of the dinner and a movie rut and enjoy adventurous, inexpensive, and romantic time with your lover!  Look specifically at Spy School!  Look for a new date idea every other week!
Days of Play
    • simple ideas and suggestions to help you have engaging and intentional play time with your children. Most ideas that take relatively little planning and few resources. Look for 2-3 new Days of Play posts a week!
    From the Kitchen 
      • a compilation of recipes--not just dinner--that I've tried and loved.  Since I love to OAMC, many of the recipes are geared toward freezing.
        • Congratulations!  Look here for items you might buy for baby, books I found helpful, and advice from someone who very often learns things the hard way. Make sure to look at how to make your own baby wearing devices!
          • funny stories, encouraging letters, tips to get through the day.
            • creative ideas to make your marriage adventurous, enjoyable, and sexy.
              • Don't forget that under that mom and wife there is a woman.  Use these ideas to rediscover the you before you were two (or three or in my case, four).
              Weekly Line-up
              • Tuesday--Days of Play
              • Wednesday What I'm Thinking About
              • Thursday Things I Love

              If you'd like to contact me, please e-mail me at

              This blog is equipped with a stat counter that acknowledges IP addresses, ISP, and city/state/country locations.  It is possible for me to match your name with your IP address if you leave comments that aren't anonymous.  If you are uncomfortable with being "seen" I want to encourage you to leave comments anonymously.  (Side note:  How scary is it that someone like me can figure this out?!?!  Imagine what hackers can do!) Just know that when you are on this site, you are being watched (and if you don't know this already, other sites are watching you too!).

              Unless given permission, I will not disclose information gathered from e-mails.  Comments are fair game.

              No Drama Zone:
              For the sake of ease, comment moderation is turned "off."  However, I reserve the right to delete any comments that are disrespectful, snarky, spiteful, divisive, spam, or totally offensive.  Though such comments may be "anonymous" I will use IP tracker to block the IP of any repeat offenders.

              Please disagree without being disagreeable.

              About Me

              My name is Reagan and I love my husband and two children.  We are a Christ-centered family who seeks to share the love of Jesus with everyone we encounter.

              I am a true Wyomingite, right down to my casual disregard of wind and snow and my unconditional love for the Wyoming Cowboys (Wyoming folks live and die for their Pokes!).

              As a wife, I seek to serve my husband by managing our home in a fiscally responsible manner. I strive to create a peaceful environment for him to retreat to and desire to be an intriguing lover.

              As a mother, my heart's desire is to lead my children to a personal and public love of Christ. My children are my life's greatest accomplishments and they bring me unending joy.

              As a woman, I felt like many passions were stifled as I became a wife and mother and I am seeking out ways to balance my roles. I am a mom, but I am more than a mom.

              I love books and making up words. I love the outdoors and have an unhealthy fascination with sharks. I love other moms and seek to empower and encourage them. I love food (and luckily I love to cook)! I love spending intentional quality time with my family. I love social justice.

              I praise God that I was fearfully and wonderfully made to be who I am and I pray that He would give me the courage and freedom to be me in a way that glorifies His name.


              1. What a great blog! You have the most creative ideas for marriage and parenting. Love the Spy School idea...

              2. You are an amazing woman of the hood, Reagan!

                I miss you. Knowing about all of the interesting ways you liven up each corner of your life inspires me! You're such a Phoebe....:-) Quirky, smart, creative, and well, let's face it, just a little strange. I love you!

              3., I searched all the blogs that had my name in them. Since I am terrible at doing anything in life consistently, reading your blog included, I had to catch up. I'll be the bigger person and skip over the fact that I am in only a small handful of your hundreds of posts. How has my friendship and wisdom not make a bigger impact on your life??'s where I move on and get over it...:-)
                I can't comment on old posts, so here I am. Yes, Natty terrifies me. She is sneaky. The coffee ice cream WAS a horrific mistake, cloth diapers are not. I believe I was 30 when I told you that. Funny. Gosh, I am old. I turned 40 last month you know. I totally rock the big 4-0 and celebrated the H-E-double hockey sticks out the entire birthday month.

                So, just wanted to visit one of the most awesome 30ish broads I know and tell you (yes, I'm talking about you) how much I've been thinking about you lately. I wish wish wish I was there for you now. I know it's a very sad time.

                Cheers to one of my favorite people! (Yes, you again.) Uuum, and can we step up the Ami shout-outs in these posts of yours? After all, I'll be reading a little more often these days. This old gal figured out how to bookmark!!

                Love you...:-)


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              I DO NOT like comments. Whatever you do, don't leave me a comment about this post or your thoughts or any connections you have to what I wrote. Seriously, I don't care.
              (Did that reverse psychology work???)